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Dalva A. Portari Mancini –

Lab Researchers
Adélia Hiroko Nagamori Kawamoto –
Aparecida Santo Pietro Pereira –
Rosely Cabette Barbosa Alves –​

general objective of the unit

Research on the influenza virus has been performed in the Virology Laboratory . The objective is to verify its zoonotic characteristics through a survey of the levels of antibodies against this virus and its isolation from susceptible animals that live in close proximity to us, such as birds, equines, swine and humans beings. Such a situation allows the direct transmission of Influenza between susceptible species, making possible its ample diffusion and the constant occurrence of world-wide epidemics. New viral strains can also emerge through genetic recombination or rearrangements in the molecules of this virus's antigens. The ultrastructure analysis and the genomic evaluation of the Influenza viruses isolated from their natural or unknown hosts in the region of São Paulo are in development in this Laboratory, with support of its collaborators.


Moreover, research with natural extracts that have proven antioxidant action is developed in the Laboratory for the purpose of verifying the performance of these extracts in inhibiting the replication of RNA viruses, like Influenza, in cell cultures and on the DNA of Hepatic cells in animal models in nutrigenomic activities.


The following research areas count on these collaborators


Fernanda Archilla Jardini – Doctorate 
Ana Mara de Oliveira – Doctorate 
Lucillia Rabelo de Oliveira – Masters 
Gabriela Tacico – Scientific Initiation 
Luciana D'Andretta Fioratti – Scientific Initiation 
Leonardo Montim de Macedo – Scientific Initiation for TCC



Instituto Butantan

Dr. Willy Beçak

Dr. Ronaldo Zucatelli Mendonça

Dr. Wilson Fernandes

Dr. Marta Antoniazzi

Dr. Carlos Jared

Dr. Marta de Oliveira Domingos

Next Concepts, London, United kingdom
Dr. Roger New

Universidade Federal de São Paulo- UNIFESP 
Dr. Nancy Fontoura Belley

Dr. Antonia Maria de Oliveira Machado

Biologist Emerson Carraro
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences - USP

Dr. Jorge Mancini Filho

Dr. Mario Hirata

Instituto Biológico
Dr. Edwiges Maristela Pituco