Zoological Collections Laboratory - LECZ


 Editor de Conteúdo

Lab Supervisor

Roberto Henrique Pinto Moraes – roberto.moraes@butantan.gov.br

Lab Researchers
Antonio Domingos Brescovit – antonio.brescovit@butantan.gov.br
Cristina Anne Rheims – cristina.rheims@butantan.gov.br
Darci Moraes Barros Battesti
 – darci.battesti@butantan.gov.br

Francisco Luís Franco – francisco.franco@butantan.gov.br
Sylvia Marlene Lucas – sylvia.lucas@butantan.gov.br​

general objective of the unit

The Special Laboratory for Zoological Collections acts in the areas of taxonomy, systematics, morphology, biodiversity, zoological inventories and arthropod, reptile and amphibian molecular biology. It houses the following zoological collections of Instituto Butantan: Arachnological, Acarological, Entomological, Herpetological and Myriapodological. It develops multidisciplinary research integrating investigators from Instituto Butantan and other institutions in Brazil and abroad.

The LECZ offers internships and supervision at the Masters, Doctorate and Post-Doctorate levels.

- Web spider species

- Opiliones Types

- Zoological Collections