consulting the collection


 Editor de Conteúdo

For those who wish to consult the Instituto Butantan collection, mind the following procedures:
-   Consultation of​ the Instituto Butantan colle​ction is by appointment only.
-   The appointment will be set together with the researcher, in accordance with the physical conditions of the collection, the research location and the availability of the Center's staff.
-   After setting the appointment, proceed by filling out a Researcher Identification Registration (only once) and the Collection Consultation Registry in accordance with the rules established by the institution. The Collection Consultation Registry should be filled out on each day of consultation by every researcher consulting the collection.
-   Selection and keeping of the materials consulted will be done by the Documentation Center employees.
-   The use of gloves provided by the Documentation Center is mandatory;
-   Reproduction of documents is allowed and according to the guidelines in Laws nº 9.610 of February 19, 1998 and nº 12.527 of November 18, 2011. 
-   For reproduction, the user will have to consult the team ahead of time, schedule another consultation appointment another and fill out a Request for Collection Reproduction form in addition to providing a letter from the supervisor of the project or a document related to the project. Research on documents that are in a fragile state of conservation or for any other technical or legal reason is forbidden.
-   Documents that have already been digitized are not available for consultation. For consultations in such cases, the user should access the database found on institution's computers.
-   Photographic reproduction must be done without flash.
-   The user is responsible for the preservation of documents consulted and cannot apply bodyweight or the weight of any equipment on items from the collection, nor is the user allowed to make any notes or marks on the collection.
-   Cell phone use is not allowed, nor is carrying ballpoint pens or other objects that could damage the collection. Carrying or consuming food and beverages, chewing gum and smoking are also not permitted in the consultation area.
Not complying with the rules stated above will preclude the user from future visits to Instituto Butantan's collections.​