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Laboratório de História da Ciência, Instituto Butantan.
unit 1: Rua Rudolf Verchaw, 197, Butantã, São Paulo.
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Secretária: Ivani Aparecida de Moura Machado – ivani.machado@butantan.gov.br

Cadernos de História da Ciência journal (available only in Portuguese) – lhciencia.ib@butantan.gov.br ou chciencia@gmail.com

general objective of the unit
The Laboratory for the History of Science (LHC) was created in 2002. The fruit of an initiative by Instituto Butantan researchers from the most diverse areas, the Laboratory emerged with intention of preserving the institutional memory through depositions by former employees and the cataloging of documents. Gradually the Laboratory was organized and began to operate with a team of its own.
Endorsed by Decree 33,116 of 1991, the research in the History of Science alone was systematically carried out with the creation of the Special Laboratory for the History of Science, in 2004. Its initial task was the development of research in the area of the History of Science related to Instituto Butantan, with the goal of including subjects related to scientific and technological development, introduction of said subjects to society and Brazilian public health; the establishment of  formal cooperation with universities and other similar institutions aiming at the expansion of the research field at Instituto Butantan; the aid, through the development of research projects, the organization and expansion of Instituto Butantan's documentary archives; the organization of and participation in activities related to the continuing education and the multiprofessional qualification in the area of the History of Science; and the organization, through specific publications in the field, of the diffusion of research carried out in the of interest the development of Instituto Butantan.

CNPq research directory: History of public health institutions
The group develops research in the fields of History of Science and Health, with a larger focus on the state of São Paulo, and among its main objectives it has included subjects related to scientific and technological development, practices, training and insertion of health professionals into the job market and has introduced institutional models into public politics about health in Brazil. The group establishes cooperation with the department of History at the University of São Paulo (USP), the Archive of the State of São Paulo, the Santa Casa College of Medical Sciences (Social Medicine), among others; it contributes to the organization and expansion of the archive through Institute Butantan’s Documentation Center; and organizes events and extension courses aimed at scientific diffusion, and also maintains the edition of the “History of Science Notebooks” magazine.

Institutional historical analysis of Instituto Butantan 
This research area aims at characterizing, through primary and secondary sources, Instituto Butantan's performance as a producer of immunobilogicals, basic and applied research and cultural and scientific diffusion, based on the study and analysis of the intervening factors in its historical evolution. From the perspective of methodology, the institutional projects of each period were identified, defined by the profile of the actors and by their acting style as well as by their strategies and their internal and external coalitions.

works in progress

- Institutional Scientists: conceptions of science and technology at Instituto Butantan
- Memory and history of Instituto Butantan, 1944-75
- Social History of Instituto Butantan's Workers

finished projects

- Health, Development, Technological Innovation and Regional Cooperation (Fapesp).
- Iconographic space and memory of Instituto Butanan.

Science, health and society
This area develops studies on the historical relationships built between illness profiles, the scientific knowledge of the disciplines and the and the health practices, training and performance and constraints of the professionals and workers involved and their repercussions on society.

work in progress

- Analysis of the Production of the Social Sciences in Health: a study on the Brazilian Congresses of Social and Human Sciences in Health from 1990-2007.

finished projects

- the pact for health and its regional management in São Paulo: intervening factors and the reorientation of health politics of São Paulo Secretariat of Health.
- History of health of Belterra, Pará - Subprogram for Action in the Amazon - INCTtox.
- Sociocultural and historical determinants of traditional prevention practices and the cure for accidents with poisonous animals - INCTtox.

Latest publications
Viana, Ana Luiza d Avila; Ibañez, Nelson; Bousquat, Aylene. (Org.). Saúde, desenvolvimento, ciência, tecnologia e inovação. São Paulo: Hucitec-Cealag, 2012.
Mott, Maria Lucia; Sanglard, Gisele. (Org.). História da Saúde em São Paulo: Instituições e Patrimônio Arquitetônico (1808-1958). Barueri: Manole, 2011.

Extension courses
History of sanitary practices 
Science, Technology, Innovation and Development: The role played by research institutions and the Brazilian health system
More information: courses 2015 Butantan Institute

Cadernos de História da Ciência journal

Conceived in 2004 by the Special Laboratory for the History of Science team, this History of Science journal (available only in Portuguese), appeared with the intention of being a vehicle for reflection on and diffusion of research projects on the history of science and public health areas. Its first issue was published in 2005, at the same time as the internally organized History and Institutional Memory Seminar. From 2006 on, the magazine became a semiannual publication, firming up as an important vehicle for the diffusion of research in History of Science and Health. All of the publications counted on collaborators from all regions of Brazil and abroad. The collection is available on the State Secretariat of Health's Scientific Electronic Library Online.

About 15,000 copies of 15 editions of the magazine have been produced.