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The Instituto Butantan library's origins date to the 1910s when its collection began to be formed.  During the Administration of Otto Bier, it was installed in the Central Building, established in 1914, and, through the October 11, 1945 publication of decree number 15.094, it became an independent section.

The Library's mission, beyond composing and disseminating collections supporting the activities of scientific research and production of the institution's other units, is to watch over the institution's cultural and scientific heritage, making it available to the greater community as well.

The collection is made up of approximately 15,000 volumes of books, theses and dissertations, rare works and reference materials as well as a periodical collection of 200,000 issues available through the Brazilian Institute for Information on Science and Technology (Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia, IBICT) National Collective Catalogue of periodicals (Catálogo Coletivo Nacional de Publicações Seriadas, CCN), prioritizing subjects related to health, zoology, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, immunology and microbiology.

The collection also has complete magazine collections of Memórias do Instituto Butantan [Memoires of Instituto Butantan], published annually since 1918 by the institution, and Cadernos de História da Ciência [History of Science Notebooks], published by the History of Science Laboratory.



The Instituto Butantan Library is part of the Information and Knowledge Network (Rede de Informação e Conhecimento, RIC) of the State of São Paulo Secretariat of Health, allowing access to the relevant health information through the collection's database and the scientific production by its Research and Documentation Centers.


Due to renovations, the Library is temporarily closed to on-site visits. For information about the collection, contact us via email,, or by telephone, +55 (11) 2627-9757.