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Instituto Butantan is the main producer of immunobiological products in Brazil. As such, it is responsible for a large percentage of the domestic production of hyperimmune sera and for a great volume of the vaccine antigens made in Brazil that make up the vaccines used by the Ministry of Health's National Immunization Program, PNI. The technological development activities related to the production of health products are basically associated with the production of vaccines, sera and biopharmaceuticals for human use. The institute's main mission therefore is to meet the demands fundamentally focused on public health, together with the State, contributing to the continuous effort of providing for the welfare of the population.

The Institute develops studies and basic research in the fields of Biology and Biomedicine directly or indirectly related to public health. Butantan carries out scientific missions domestically and abroad through the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization UNICEF and the United Nations.  The institute collaborates with other agencies of the São Paulo State Secretariat of Health and the Brazilian Ministry of Health for the improvement of overall health in Brazil. It acts in partnership with various universities and entities such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, for the achievement of its institutional objectives.

It develops basic and applied research projects, such as studies on venomous animals, pathogens, innovation and modernization of production processes, control of immunobiologicals and clinical, therapeutic and epidemiological studies related to accidents caused by poisonous animals.

The Institute maintains scientific zoological collections and develops educational and cultural activities through its four Museums – the Biological, Historical, Microbiology and Emilio Ribas Public Health.

Through internships, it trains students at the levels of scientific initiation (PIBIC/CNPq), professional development (PAP/FUNDAP) and graduate studies (masters and doctorate). Butantan is responsible for the Graduate Program, specifically in Toxinology and, more recently, for the MBA Program in Health Innovation Management, which seeks to introduce students to all of the stages and processes of research, innovation, patents, production and marketing of products.

It also offers extension courses, aiming at the formation of professionals who can be multipliers of public health information, and short-term finishing courses for the community in general - students, professors, military, first-responders, farmers, among others - on subjects such as venomous animals, insects of medical importance, sera and vaccines.

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